What makes Beni M'rirt Berber carpets special?

Thanks to their high-quality materials and careful craftsmanship, Beni M'rirt rugs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also durable and hard-wearing. They are an investment in quality and beauty that will bring years of enjoyment.

HELLO COLOGNE - Visit us in our new showroom!
HELLO COLOGNE We are there! Our showroom in Cologne is open! With us you will find a great selection of Moroccan Berber carpets, colorful and monochrome Kilim carpets and vintage Persian carpets. All carpets are handmade, all unique pieces. We...
#STORYTIME - In conversation with Annett Kuhlmann from Marsano
In Berlin Mitte on Charlottenstraße, is probably one of the most beautiful flower stores in the whole city. Since the 2000s you can find there wonderfully colorful flowers, beautifully tied bouquets and since some time also antique vintage treasures. We...
Our carpet favorites for the cold season
After a wonderful golden autumn with warm temperatures and lots of sunshine, we are now slowly preparing for the cold winter months. Coziness in your own four walls is the be-all and end-all to combat the cold season. We have...
On Thursday, June 16th, the time had finally come: with an exclusive selection of carpets, we moved into the beautiful premises together with Marsano. In addition to hand-blown vases, colorful flowers and great interior accessories, visitors to the pop-up...
How do I find the right carpet for my home?
For many, their own four walls are an important place. Not only does the home serve as a retreat after a long day, it is also a place where friends and family come together, where memories are made, and where...
5 Ways To Style Your Vintage Rug

Styling a vintage rug is not necessarily easy, because there are many different themes that will change the look completely - but that is all part of the fun of interior design. Check out our picks for how to style your own vintage rug.

5 Ways To Style Your Berber Rug
The biggest trend is becoming a classic: Berber rugs. Our handmade wool Berber rugs warm up any interior, no matter your taste. Changing up your style can determine the look and feel of the entire room. Berber rugs also come in many colors, each one adding their own different flair.
TREND: Rugs in the Bathroom

We've been noticing a trend as of late: carpets in the bathroom. Switch things up and make your time in the bath a little cozy. Check out these ideas and shop THE KNOTS rugs for your bathroom.

Interview with Sabine from Azurweiss
Sabine is a woman with many abilities. She not only runs the home accessories shop la mesa and writes for her interior blog azurweiss , but also works as a freelance copywriter and PR consultant. Last year she wrote about THE KNOTS and now we're turning the tables and learning more about her.
Interview with Juliane from Indecorate
Juliane is the founder of the interior design portal INDECORATE . Here you can book your interior designer and have exclusive access to special conditions from partner companies, which include THE KNOTS, among other great labels. We wanted to find out a little more about Juliane and spoke to her. Have fun while reading!
Interview with Anne from AnneLiWest

She visited us in April and reported about it on her blog. Today we would like to introduce you to Annemone Schütz from AnneLiWest . Her blog is all about design, interior and lifestyle. She also works as a passionate photographer and interior consultant and is the author of the recently published book "Berlin's Finest - 50 inspiring design shops". In the interview she tells you everything about her passion. Have fun while reading!

Interview with Maj from Vintagency

VINTAGENCY , a hip agency for spatial concepts, is located in the middle of Prenzlauer Berg. The founders, Rosario and Maj are big fans of THE KNOTS and we are excited to work with them. Excited by your cool concept and special feel for trends, we would like to introduce you to Maj today.

MIGTHY OAKS Playing on THE KNOTS in Berlin
We had the chance to see the Mighty Oaks performing live in Berlin yesterday night...
Impressions of our first shoot

When we thought about our first shoot for THE KNOTS, the only one thing we were quite sure about was that it had to be everything but ordinary...