Interview mit Maj von Vintagency

Interview with Maj from Vintagency

In the middle of Prenzlauer Berg is VINTAGENCY, a hip agency for spatial concepts. The founders, Rosario and Maj are big fans of THE KNOTS and we are happy to work with them. Thrilled by your cool concept and special sense for trends, we would like to introduce you to Maj today.

Who are you?

I am originally from Frankfurt am Main and have been living in Berlin for 12 years now. I have two wonderful sons and live with my family in Prenzlauer Berg. Just under two years ago I started my own business....

What do you do?
We founded the interior design office VINTAGENCY. When it comes to interior design, our focus is on vintage furniture - from beautiful no name pieces to collector quality objects. We complement these with handcrafted, high-quality designs from young designers and labels. Since we regularly present all this on our blog, we often received requests to provide the products shown for film and photo sets. So for some time now we have also been offering the VINTAGENCY Prop Rental Service.

What style do you like privately?
I like expressive colors, high quality finished furniture, but also whimsical things- a charming mix without stringency. I like it when homes change with the people who live there, with their needs, demands and experiences, and grow steadily and fluidly. Now that I have kids, I have to balance my passion for design with the kids' demands. It's important to me that the kids can bounce on the sofa or chase around the apartment sometimes. I want our home to exude warmth, so everything is pretty casual.

What's your favorite interior piece?
We just bought a beautiful vintage Beni Ouarain rug with a great irregular diamond pattern for our dining room, it's insanely fluffy. I'm also toying with a Gaetano Sciolari chandelier for the living room. That will probably be my favorite next month.

Where do you go to look for treasures?
We work with various vintage stores, I regularly look at the 'New Arrivals' - you always find great things there, but of course you can only afford it once in a while. On Sundays I often get up early and go to flea markets, preferably the not so trendy ones, where you can always find something great between a lot of junk. I then return quite proudly from my little triumphs.
Where do you get new inspiration for colors, shapes and materials?
In this job, you go through life with a certain eye. Sometimes it's color plays in nature that inspire you, a beautiful building or a movie. But often I also catch myself standing in front of the supermarket shelf thinking "the washed-out green of the pickles next to the intense purple of the beetroot, but that's a pretty color combination", - so you can get a bit weird. When it comes to gathering inspiration for spaces and products together with clients, we work a lot with Pinterest at the beginning of a project. That works out great.

Where is your favorite place in Berlin...?
I can't break that down to one place. Now in the summer, I think afternoons in Weinbergspark are great. Many of my friends live nearby or come by there after work to enjoy the evening sun. When I find time, aimless walks through the city, wandering into side streets and backyards, are my little luxury. Berlin is great because you have so many options. You know you'll never be able to see everything - that relaxes me.

What does a perfect day look like for you?
That would be a hot summer day with work, family and friends all taking their place. I start the day in the office with product research and browsing through material samples. At lunchtime, I go with my colleague to see new spaces we may design - something stunning, a carriage house in an enchanted Berlin backyard perhaps. I spend the afternoon at the lake with my kids, where we eat watermelon and build blob castles. Then, with my husband and friends, I would end the evening relaxing in a beer garden or a small wine bar. That would be an all around fulfilling day!
Thank you for your time and the great interview dear Maj!