Kelim Läufer handgemacht in Pastellfarben

Runner Rugs


    In contrast to Kelim, Berber or Gabbeh, carpet runner is not a name for a specific type of carpet. Runner refers to the dimensions of a carpet and describes a long and rather narrow carpet that can be made as either a flat weave or a deep pile carpet.

    Due to their dimensions, carpet runners are the preferred carpets for places where it gets tight - hallways, hallways or corridors. Another popular option is to use the runner as a rug to warm your feet: for example in the bedroom in front of the bed, in front of the couch in the living room or as a kitchen runner.

    The patterns of the runners are very different, from almost hinted at stripes in very similar colors to sophisticated geometric patterns. The colors of the runners offered by THE KNOTS mostly remain in a palette of gray, beige, ocher and darker pastel colors - but some of our vintage carpets also impress with bright color gradients.

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