June 2013

a one-way ticket to New York and a heart full of dreams

July 2014

a one-way ticket to Berlin and a head full of 'Knots'

When Katrin moved to New York in 2013 - and thereby fulfilled her lifelong dream - she worked as a business development manager for a German fashion company and discovered the creative spirit of the city in the countless small galleries, unique design stores and at the unusual flea markets. Fascinated by the beautifully crafted work and the people who brought her creative ideas to life, she was inspired to start her own business. The combination of her roots - growing up in a family carpet business - with the desire to create a special product gave rise to the idea of ​​her own label - THE KNOTS. She quit her job, moved to Berlin and founded THE KNOTS.



A product that focuses on individuality in the age of interchangeable mass production and brings back a bit of value.



All THE KNOTS products are selected with great care and love. Each piece is made by hand in small family businesses and is therefore unique. We know our producers personally and attach great importance to ensuring that they are paid fairly. Only natural materials are used for production - and some are even recycled, such as for our core product: vintage oriental carpets. We do this out of conviction, not only out of respect for our environment, but also because we value and want to continue the tradition of craftsmanship.

Discover THE KNOTS and fall in love with our unique products for your home!

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