Blankets & Cushions


    Living room and bedroom accessories made of alpaca wool are particularly in demand at the moment because of their cosiness factor. Even softer than alpaca wool is baby alpaca wool, which THE KNOTS uses for its elegant yet simple living room accessories. Baby alpaca wool does not mean the wool of a young baby alpaca, but the wool that comes from the back of an adult alpaca and is particularly fine and soft. As baby alpaca wool only accounts for around twenty percent of shorn wool and alpacas are only shorn every two years, this wool is a very high-quality and, due to its scarcity, luxurious material that naturally comes in over fifteen shades. Alpaca wool is obtained in a sustainable way, mainly in the Andes, and thus ensures a good conscience in addition to its warming properties. Alpaca wool is also particularly well tolerated by allergy sufferers.

    The blankets and cushions by THE KNOTS are woven in Lithuania from pure baby alpaca wool in the highest quality. Our plaids are available in grey and an off-white dark red and rose tone, so that the pleasantly warm blankets can easily fit into a living room with more colour. For cold days, the blanket can also be used as a garment, namely as a cosy scarf. Our cushion covers made of baby alpaca wool are available in a further grey and in white, in addition to the already mentioned blanket shades. This muted colour palette can also be wonderfully combined with a wide variety of wooden seating.

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