5 Ways To Style Your Berber Rug

5 Ways To Style Your Berber Rug

The biggest trend is becoming a classic: Berber rugs. Our handmade wool Berber rugs warm up any interior, no matter your taste. Changing up your style can determine the look and feel of the entire room. Berber rugs also come in many colors, each one adding their own different flair.

Here we've collected a few examples of how you can style your own Berber rug. Adding touches of your personality around one signature piece like a Berber rug can transform your place from drab to fab. From classic to rustic to minimalist, we've got you covered. Get inspired!

1. Modern Vintage

Credit: Desire To Inspire

Get the look with our La Colombe rug.

2. Relaxed Glam

Credit: Daily Dream Decor

Get the look with The Beukelen .

3. Eclectic Library

Credit: The Design Files

Get the look with Fair Folks & A Goat .

4. Geometric Minimalist

Credit: Ultralinx

Get the look with Little Skips .

5. Blue Scandinavian

Credit: Fashion Squad

Get the look with our Padoca rug .

Which style is your favorite?