Interview mit Sabine von Azurweiss

Interview with Sabine from Azurweiss

Sabine is a woman with many skills. She not only runs the home accessories store la mesa and writes for her interior blog azurweiss, but also works as a freelance copywriter and PR consultant on the side. Last year she wrote about THE KNOTS and now we turn the tables and want to know more about her.
Who are you?

My name is Sabine Wittig. Together with my husband I live in a little house near Stuttgart. I like the North Sea, city trips and my garden and have a weakness for porcelain and ceramics.

What do you do?
I work as a freelance PR consultant and copywriter, run the online store la mesa wohnaccessoires ( and write the interior blog azurweiss (

What style do you like in your private life?
"Relaxed" probably sums it up best. Unadorned, bright, sparsely furnished. Living must feel like a vacation in a summer house to me - I enjoy walking barefoot across our oak wood floor. Our furniture is pretty timeless, a lot of it is vintage. I also like to keep it minimal when it comes to decor: it usually doesn't take more than pretty vases and fresh flowers.
What is your favorite interior piece?
Our midcentury sideboard by Dieter Waeckerlin from the early 1960s - an heirloom. It's in our dining room and I look forward to it every day.

Where do you go in search of treasures?
My favorite places to browse are individual, owner-operated stores that put their assortments together with heart. I also often find what I'm looking for at flea markets, antique markets and social department stores. Home accessories I also like to buy in small online stores and from myself : )
Where do you get new inspiration for colors, shapes and materials?
I get a lot of ideas at interior design fairs, design events and browsing through exciting stores. But also a visit to a museum or a movie can be the trigger for new styling at home or new product ideas for my store. When I'm specifically looking for inspiration - for example, for a photo theme or a party decoration - I browse through my rather extensive home books and home magazine collection or I click through my favorite boards on Pinterest.

Where is your favorite place in Berlin...?
Oh, there are several. For example the beer garden in Clärchens Ballhaus, the lido Wannsee with its morbid charm, the KPM Museum or the small stores and cafés in Mitte or Kreuzberg. Before each visit to Berlin, I choose a different corner that I want to get to know better. Next time I have my sights set on Neukölln and I'd like to finally visit the Haus am Waldsee in Zehlendorf.

What does a perfect day look like for you?
In summer: gardening from morning to early evening - and then ending the day with a fine meal on the terrace. In winter: endless walks on the beach of a North Sea island. Often, however, normal workdays are close to the perfect day - I like my work and enjoy the freedom of being able to design (almost) every day freely.
Thank you, Sabine!

Photocredit: Mirja Hoechst