5 Ways To Style Your Vintage Rug

5 Ways To Style Your Vintage Rug

Styling a vintage rug is not necessarily easy, because there are many different themes that will change the look completely - but that is all part of the fun of interior design. Check out our picks for how to style your own vintage rug.

1. Southern Comfort

Credit: Emily Henderson

Use a distressed blue rug like our Telltale #282 to anchor your room.

2. Pink Star

Credit: Decor8

Get the pink look with our vintage rug Waikiki Sneaky #267 .

3. Pastel Neutrals

Credit: Decouvrir Design

Following a strict color palette can bring calmness. Try our Crif Dogs #162 if you are into neutrals.

4. Brooding Romantic

Credit: Heart and Blood

You can get this look with an intricately patterned vintage rug like our Well of Souls #235 .

5. Red red red

Credit: Chris Loves Julia

Let a large red rug bring the whole room together. Get this look with The Delmano #67 .