Interview mit Juliane von Indecorate

Interview with Juliane from Indecorate

Juliane is the founder of the interior design portal INDECORATE. Here you can book your interior designer and have exclusive access to special conditions of the partner companies, which include THE KNOTS among other great labels. We wanted to learn a bit more about Juliane and talked to her. Have fun reading!

Who are you?

My name is Juliane, I am 26 years young, passionate entrepreneur and interior designer.

What do you do?
In the fall of 2014, I founded the interior platform INDECORATE. Following our mission "Bringing beautiful and affordable interior design into your life!", we offer interior design for every budget, big or small, private or business. Our 360-degree service is available in all major German cities thanks to our international team of passionate interior designers. Add to that our partner network of great furniture stores and young interior labels, like The Knots, where our customers enjoy exclusive discounts.

What style do you like in your private life?
I love natural materials as well as furniture that has patina and tells personal stories. I prefer to decorate in neutral tones as a base, with some intense color accents added by ethnic-style home accessories, such as kilim or oriental rugs. Functionality and aesthetics are equally important to me, so a chic chair must also always be comfortable. I go for larger elements when decorating, so that it doesn't become too restless and small-scale. I especially like to style big, beautiful books, as they immediately bring coziness into a room.

What is your favorite interior piece?
In general, I love beautiful, large dining tables because I associate them with great food and inspiring conversations when my friends are together. They sort of represent the "soul" of an apartment.

Where do you go in search of treasures?
On the Internet, of course ;-) Otherwise, I've often found that rural antique markets in Bavaria, Austria, Italy or France sometimes hide real treasures. When I'm visiting foreign cities, I also like to let myself drift a bit - that's how you stumble across pretty little interior stores every now and then.

Where do you get new inspiration for colors, shapes and materials?
In and from nature, especially when it comes to color combinations. It doesn't always have to be "outside". The mineral collection in Berlin's Museum of Natural History, for example, is an absolute treasure trove of insanely beautiful colors, shapes and patterns. I also collect interior magazines with a passion, especially as souvenirs from trips to other countries. Concrete tips and ideas for decorating can of course also be found in abundance on many blogs, Instagramand Pinterest. In the INDECORATE magazine, I present 5 links every month that have particularly inspired me.

Where is your favorite place in Berlin...?
Berlin really has a lot to offer, but I still feel most comfortable at home in our apartment.

What does a perfect day look like for you?
It definitely starts with sleeping in and having a good, healthy breakfast with green tea. Then it's off to yoga to wake up. If the weather is good, a little trip outside - into nature or into the hustle and bustle of the city, depending on my mood - is a must. In bad weather, I make myself comfortable on the sofa with a cup of tea and read a good book, browse through a few new interior magazines or watch a series with my boyfriend. Then I collect a few more ideas for INDECORATE - new magazine articles, special service offers or exciting collaborations. In the evening, it's off to a great new restaurant or cooking night together with friends.
Thank you, Juliane!