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Keep it clean - treat it keen
When you buy one of our rugs you invested in a long-lasting product, however it is advantageous to clean it regularly. 
      • Vacuum and beat the rug regularly to keep the dust particles away.
      • As we are mainly using natural dyes for our vintage rugs, strong sunlight can fade the color at certain places. We recommend not leaving your rug in prolonged sunlight.
      • If there is for some reason a visible stain on the rug, blot with a kitchen towel and warm water and continue until there is no visible stain on the rug or the towel. You are welcome to use a mix of warm water and liquid soap as well. To make sure the actual color doesn't rub off, try it first on a less visible spot on the rug.
      • If you can't get rid of the stain on your own, please contact a professional dry-cleaner and don't hesitate calling the showroom for any further questions.