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These antique one-of-a-kind Kilims were produced by women in Azerbaijan. They used excellent wool of the domestic fat-tailed sheep bred and colored it with natural dyes. Not all of these Kilims were initially made for the floor, some were hangings, some were bench or divan coverings, bags or mule saddles. Kelim or Kilim carpets are currently experiencing a great comeback. The variety and combinability of kilims with modern living styles ensures that this type of carpet meets many tastes. Some of the kilim carpets are very colorful and range from red, orange, brown, blue, green or turquoise. Other Kelim style carpets are more reserved in the colors black, gray, brown or beige. Kilims combine classic patterns and materials with modern furnishings. This type of carpet is timeless - modern. The kilim has a long tradition in the Orient and was originally made for the personal use of nomads. Each of our kilims transports a piece of traditional craftsmanship via Berlin directly to a new home. A kilim carpet can transform a room. As a design element, a kilim can be used in relation to architecture or other interior decoration. An interplay of form and color, which in many respects offers creative points of contact, distinguishes Kelim carpets. While geometric patterns on a kilim can, for example, pick up on modern building elements, a sea of carpet colors ranging from turquoise to orange can set wonderful accents between exposed concrete in gray. Handicraft was and is modern and finds a traditional expression in a kilim by The Knots from Berlin, the combination of vintage and future. With a kilim every living room - whether in Berlin or elsewhere - can be transformed into a small oasis of the Orient.