How to properly clean your rug?

All of our Carpets are very durable and long lasting - just like their history. Over time, however, any carpet will naturally become soiled. Below you will find information on how to care for our products.
Over the years the carpets are exposed to natural wear and tear, for example when used in rooms that are used a lot, such as living rooms or dining rooms. As an alternative to professional carpet care, there are a number of precautions and home remedies that can help ensure the longevity of the carpet.
Routine maintenance includes vacuuming and beating. Beating a carpet is the best way to get rid of stubborn dust and is especially recommended for long pile Berbers, but it can also do no harm to vintage carpet. Beating is also a proven technique for kilim carpets. A runner can be easily beaten due to its size. The prerequisite is that you have the possibility to hang the carpet outside, i.e. in the open air. There the carpet can be knocked out thoroughly with a carpet beater. Vacuuming and/or carpet beating should be carried out regularly to maintain the good condition of vintage carpets for a long time.
Additionally, common salt can be used for cleaning. This is spread over the entire carpet and vacuumed after a few hours. Before using this method of carpet cleaning, the resistance of the colours on the carpet should be tested on a hidden part of the vintage carpet, for example on the back.
In addition, the following household remedies are recommended for special stains: red wine stains, for example, are particularly annoying on the surface of a carpet in beige, grey or light blue. Such stains in the carpet can be treated with salt. Apply salt to the stain, moisten with a little water (if the stain has already dried) and rub from the outside to the inside (not the other way round!). When everything is dry, you can vacuum the salt off the carpet. Alternatively, you can try to remove stains on the vintage carpet with white wine.
The best way to get rid of chocolate stains is to let them set with ice cubes. Then you can nibble them off. Coffee stains on a carpet can be cleaned with little effort by adding mineral water or baking powder to the stain. To do this, moisten the baking powder, wait a while and vacuum when everything is dry. As an all-purpose stain remover for carpets, simple glass cleaner or classic gall soap is also often suitable. If everything else does not help, you should try this before having the carpet professionally cleaned.
Please contact us if you have specific questions. Your carpet treasure is also close to our heart.

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