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– how it all started –

June 2013
a one-way ticket to New York and a heart full of dreams

July 2014
a one-way ticket to Berlin and a head full of 'Knots'

Katrin ten Eikelder fulfilled a lifelong dream when she moved to New York in 2013 to work as a Business Development Manager for a fashion company. Once there, she began to discover the creative spirit of the city, with its extraordinary galleries, unique design stores and wonderful flea markets. Fascinated with all the prettily crafted works that she came across and meeting people dedicated to creating beautiful things, she was inspired to start her own company. Having been born into a family of rug experts with a real passion for the product, Katrin decided to combine her heritage with her desire to develop a beautiful brand of her own. Soon after, THE KNOTS was born, and Katrin headed to Berlin to get things started.

– our mission –

A handmade, unique and sustainable product that brings back authenticity into a world of homogenized mass production.

– our products –

All THE KNOTS rugs are picked with love and care. Every piece was crafted by hand in small family businesses and is therefore unique. We know our producers by heart and we set value on that they get fairly paid. For the manufacturing vintage traditionally made organic fabrics are used or even reused which applies to our core product: Vintage rugs. We do this out of conviction, not only with respect to our environment, but also because we value and want to carry on the heritage of solid craftsmanship.

Discover THE KNOTS and fall in love with a one-of-a-kind piece for your home!

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