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What do all Berber carpets have in common? They are high-pile carpets and therefore cuddly and comfortable. But you should not reduce them to the classic Beni Ouarain pattern, because there are many other patterns to discover. How about a dotted Berber or a vintage Zemmour or Boujad Berber from Morocco, for example?


Color, craftsmanship and traditional references to nature interpreted in a modern and abstract way: Our first collaboration with textile designer Anne Schmiederer combines the core elements of THE KNOTS and consists of 3 cushions and 2 carpets. The collection is fair and made by hand from high-quality Peruvian wool.

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“Beautiful carpets & rugs, great staff.
Direct pick up at the showroom in Berlin possible.
Most recommended. We love your rugs!”

“Exceptional carpets, beautifully presented on the website, competent and unobtrusive sales advice - so ordering carpets online was easy and the joy was great when the kilims arrived. Our living room became a salon!”

“We have now already bought our 2nd carpet at The Knots. Great carpets, fit great and are just fun! Are in any case an eye-catcher and something special! Thank you very much for the quick and easy order.”

“Most beautiful vintage carpets ever! The Knots has a fabulous selection of oriental carpets.”


THE KNOTS was founded in 2014 by Katrin, herself grown up in a family business for carpets, specialized in oriental carpets. She knows the producers of the hand-knotted carpets personally, travels several times a year to the countries of production. THE KNOTS is located in Berlin and a certain influence of the capital is unmistakable in the typical monochrome color scheme.

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We do not use synthetic fibers or plastic. Our carpets are handmade from sheep's wool, the home accessories are made from super soft geelong wool, sheep's wool and baby alpaca wool. Of course, this also means: All our carefully selected carpets and accessories are unique, because the wool, its color and the style  always differ slightly. You will not find two carpets that look the same. We do perceive the small variations as a contribution to the individual beauty of our products.


From Berlin, THE KNOTS travels to the mainly female producers several times a year. It is important for us to purchase our carpets in the country of origin, where they are a centuries-old part of the culture. Therefore we purchase our carpets in Iran, Morocco and Turkey. The term craftsmanship is to be taken literally here: Our average oriental vintage carpet has 120,000 knots per square meter. It takes a woman alone a whole day to knot 8,000 knots - that alone gives 15 days pure knotting time per square meter.

More than retro carpets: Our Vintage Carpets

Our vintage carpets are a symbol for the core concerns of THE KNOTS. The carpets are consistently high quality. Not only because they are carefully selected directly in countries with centuries-old carpet culture, but also because the wool was of higher quality at the time of original production. Our offer extends the life cycle of the carpets in a sustainable way, without using new resources. The selected carpets are left in the original or adopt modern patterns and colors in low-pollution transformation processes.