Handmade rugs picked & designed with love.

Pure craftmanship

Our average oriental vintage rug has 120.000 knots per square meter. To put this into perspective, one woman needs a whole day to make 8.000 knots. That's high quality artistic handicraft.

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We love vintage

Many of our rugs are vintage or redesigned vintage. We love the idea of giving them a second life. BTW, the quality of the wool back in the days when they were initially made was way better than it is nowadays.

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To us it is important to source our rugs in the country of origin, where they are part of the culture. That's why we find them in Iran, Morocco & Turkey. No replica from the far East.

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All of our carefully picked rugs are unique. You won't find two that look alike. All of our own designs are handcrafted and therefore unique. Little variations in every product is what contributes to their beauty.

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