New Moroccan Berber Rugs

After a long wait, the time has finally come! We are more than happy to welcome some new Berber treasures in our Store. In order to show the de deserved respect and attention, we created a little compilation of our favorite styles!

But first, a little information about the special carpet from Africa:
All of our Berbers are from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.
Traditionally, these carpets were made for personal use of the Nomads. Berbers were used in the past not only for decorative, but also functional purposes. However not only the useful properties of a Berber carpet, but also its special appearance makes it so irresistible. The Berber carpets are mainly monochrome colored (mainly white / beige) or slightly patterned, such as with small dots or geometric ornaments. They are all knotted by hand.


Due to the high and fluffy flor, they are particularly suitable for living rooms that should radiate warmth and coziness, such as the living room / bedroom, but also children's and dressing rooms. Due to the natural fat content in the wool, the carpet is automatically dirt repellent and cleans itself - to a certain extent-. So do not be afraid of the light wool!

Everyone who's ever stood barefoot on a real Berber, does not want to have anything else in the house anyway;)

Here is an overview of some of our very special pieces:


You can find all our Berber rugs here

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