Every carpet in our shop is unique and tells its very own story. We want you to know what is behind the carpets and where it comes from. Because with each of our carpets you bring a piece of history and culture into your home...

All our carefully selected carpets are unique. There are no two identical pieces; the pieces we design ourselves are handmade and therefore unique. Small differences in each product make them beautiful and special.

Our carpets are made from pure new wool and from new wool on cotton. Our home accessories are woven from the especially soft Geelong wool, new wool and baby alpaca. We do not use any synthetic fibres or plastic.
Our oriental vintage carpets have an average of 120,000 knots per square meter. It takes a woman a day to tie 8,000 knots. That's 15 working days for one square foot of carpet. This is handmade with the highest quality.
Many of our carpets are purely vintage or have been created from vintage. We are thrilled to give them a second life. By the way, the quality of the wool when they were made was much better than today.
We buy our carpets exclusively in the countries where they traditionally come from and where they are part of the culture. Therefore our carpets come from Iran, Morocco and Turkey. You will not find any replicas from the Far East in our shop.

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