5 Ways To Style Your Vintage Rug

Styling a vintage rug is not necessarily easy, because there are many different themes that will change the look completely - but that is all part of the fun of interior design. Check out our picks for how to style your own vintage rug.

5 Ways To Style Your Berber Rug
The biggest trend is becoming a classic: Berber rugs. Our handmade wool Berber rugs warm up any interior, no matter your taste. Changing up your style can determine the look and feel of the entire room. Berber rugs also come in many colors, each one adding their own different flair.
TREND: Rugs in the Bathroom

We've been noticing a trend as of late: carpets in the bathroom. Switch things up and make your time in the bath a little cozier. Check out these ideas and shop THE KNOTS rugs for your bathroom.