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Vintage Rug
'Black Manhattan #638'

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Delivery time 3-7 workdays

  • Handmade in Kerman/Iran
  • 200k knots per sqm
  • Born in the 50s
  • Made from local wool
  • One-of-a-kind with a timeless design
  • Sustainable & persistent

Our beloved 'Black Manhattan' was intricately made by hand. It has undergone a carefully selected finishing process in order to receive this modern look. That includes restoration, sun bleaching to make the original color fade, and a shortening of the 100% sheep wool pile. Afterwards it got re-colored in this vibrant light blue to create a wonderful, totally individual one-of-a-kind carpet.

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When you buy one of our carpets you have invested in a durable product, but regular cleaning is still highly recommended.


Regular vacuuming of the carpets prevents dust particles from sticking. Although beating the carpets is a little more time-consuming than vacuuming, it is worth it against more stubborn dirt. Due to the natural coloring of vintage carpets, sunlight can cause the colors to fade slightly, which gives the carpet character and life. If you do not want this, protect it from direct sunlight.


If something should go wrong and a stain is visible, as a first aid, dab the stain carefully with an absorbent cloth and some warm water until it is no longer visible on the carpet. Are these stubborn carpet stains? In the following we will give you some simple household remedies that should be tried out before professional cleaning. DIY Tip: To make sure that the color does not peel off with the suggested methods, test it beforehand on an inconspicuous spot.

Salt: Spread it all over the carpet and vacuum it after a few hours.

Detergent: Dab the carpet stain with an absorbent cloth and warm water - if necessary mixed with detergent. Give the carpet some time to soak in before you try to rub the stain out.

Glass cleaner: Apply a dosed amount to the stain, let it work for a short time and then dab with water.Classic gall soap: Apply the moistened gall soap to the stain, leave to work for about 20-30 minutes and then remove with a moistened cloth.

For more specific stains, such as red wine stains or chocolate stains, explain how to apply the correct technique in this post. If a persistent stain is still visible, please contact us or contact a professional carpet cleaning company.

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We try to ship your order the same day (Monday - Friday).

Free shipping in Germany & Austria.

All other countries in the EU: 19,90 EUR per order.

All countries outside EU: 99 EUR per order

Feel free to contact us if you prefer to pick up your carpet yourself in Berlin.

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Beautiful carpets / rugs, great staff. Direct pickup @ showroom in Berlin possible.

Most recommended.

Manfred V.

Most beautiful vintage rugs ever!

Isabell J.

Wunderschöne Teppiche, auf der Website wunderbar präsentiert, kompetente, schnelle Lieferung. Sehr empfehlenswert!

Karolina G.

Fantastic, unique carpet and extraordinarily friendly and competent advice. We are very satisfied and the next carpet will come from THE KNOTS again.

Nina S.


Our rugs are handmade and therefore are unique.
It is important for us to have our carpets produced in the country of origin, where they are a centuries-old part of the culture. The term craftsmanship is to be taken literally here: Our average oriental vintage carpet has 120,000 knots per square meter. It takes a woman alone a whole day to knot 8,000 knots - that alone gives 15 days pure knotting time per square meter.
We value artisan craftsmanship to the fullest. That’s why we believe in a product that focuses on individuality in an age of interchangeable mass production. Each of our rugs was handmade and is characterized by quality, uniqueness, and rarity. With the purchase of one of our rugs you not only buy a product that lasts for a very long time, but you also contribute to the preservation of a craftsmanship that has been passed on from generation to generation over the past centuries.

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