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It's not the first time Salty Interiors have been using our rugs to create the perfect room. We want to show you how beautifully they interpreted our beloved rugs and combined them with the perfectly matching furniture. Once again they are going for a clean modern and Scandinavian vibe.
As the center of every living space, the living room should be well designed and spread a relaxing and balanced atmosphere. Especially when there is rather less furniture, a rug can fill in this gap and create an entirely filled room.
In this case, the dark grayish rug captures all components of the room and connects them with each other, like the black and white posters. Furthermore the Rug creates a spatial delimitation of the wooden floor and the cognac leather armchairs, which create tension.
A rug always brings a cozy flair into the room and helps to complete its color concept. Especially in the Master Bedroom you don't want to wake up and stand up on a cold wooden floor. Salty therefore combined this vintage Persian rug with the minimalistic wooden furniture. The earth based colors of the rug resemble the natural wood elements of the floor, bed and nightstand. Little details like bedsheets can complete the look by using same or similar colors as there are in the rug. This way the rug just blends in with the whole room and creates a harmonious atmosphere.

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