Bedroom Stories

The bedroom, the room where the day begins and ends, isn't it the most important?
"When we greet the day in the morning, we (or at least I) want to feel a good energy from the room. An open bright look, plants, soft and natural materials, warmth... I want to feel like getting up!"
Our team member Alicia took us to her home and gave us a glimpse into the bedroom. A modern style with boho elements and a lot of naturalness!
The bedroom, it's the room we start and end the day in, so basically the most important room, isn't it?
"Whenever I wake up in the morning, I want to feel that good energy flowing through my room. A light fulfilled view, plants, soft and natural materials and warmth.. Thats whats most important to me. I want to feel the desire to get up!"
Our Team Member Alicia was so kind to take us home with her and give some special insights into her Bedroom. Its timeless modern with some boho elements and lots of natural vibes!

"I'm always a fan of swapping and rearranging things, which is why I have the flat vintage rug in front of the bed in the summer and the cozy Berber rug in the winter to bring in a little more warmth and coziness."


"I like to change things up, that's why I swap between the vintage rug for summer and the cozy berber during wintertime to keep me warm. In addition to that I move some things around and try to create a new look matching the season and rug "


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