Unsere Teppich-Favoriten für die kalte Jahreszeit

Our carpet favorites for the cold season

After a wonderful golden autumn with warm temperatures and lots of sunshine, we are now slowly preparing for the cold winter months.
Coziness in your own four walls is the be-all and end-all to combat the cold season. We have put together a selection of carpets for you that will transform your home into an oasis of well-being in no time and arm you against the cold winter.
This beautiful Beni Ouarain carpet, which comes from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, not only keeps your feet warm, but also gives the room a cozy atmosphere. The small black dots that can be seen on the white background of the carpet are reminiscent of small snowflakes. The carpet therefore creates a playful, Christmas atmosphere, especially in winter.
'LE COUCOU' was hand-knotted by women in Morocco and features a pattern based on lines and shapes, designed in warm brown tones. The colors of the carpet in particular provide warmth and are reminiscent of natural materials such as fresh wood, chestnuts or nuts.
This beautiful Beni Ouarain rug was knotted from a mix of dark and light wool threads. This means that the carpet not only has an elegant and unique look, its shaggy and fluffy pile also provides warmth and coziness.
This Moroccan Kilim rug greets everyone who kicks off their shoes in the hallway with a warm welcome after an icy winter day. Instead of walking to the next room on the cold floor, this rug warms your feet with every step. Thanks to its contrasting colors and elegant pattern, it also transforms the room into something very special.
Red is the color to make yourself comfortable at home in the cold season. And this beautiful Kilim carpet has a lot of that. Its color and pattern not only provide warmth and comfort, but also tell a very individual story that was worked into the carpet by the weaver. The carpet originally comes from Afghanistan, where this craft is a centuries-old part of the culture.