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Vintage Rug <br> 'Delmano Pimms #629'
Vintage Rug <br> 'Delmano Pimms #629'
Vintage Rug <br> 'Delmano Pimms #629'

Vintage Rug
'Delmano Pimms #629'

333x243 cm

The 'Delmano Pimms #629' is a really unique old persian rug that was made by hand over 60 years ago. To receive this very special modern look the rug had to undergo a careful finishing process that includes restoration and sun bleaching in order to make the original color fade. Afterwards the 100% sheep wool pile was shortened, leaving parts of the original ornaments and creating a contrast within the rug. To add the last special touch, the carpet got re-colored in blue and red hues to create a very diverse and intense spectrum of color. 


- handmade in Tabriz/Iran
- 100k knots per sqm
- born in 1960s
- wool
- washed/overdyed

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