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Kilim Rug <br>'Shazahir #160'
Kilim Rug <br>'Shazahir #160'
Kilim Rug <br>'Shazahir #160'

Kilim Rug
'Shazahir #160'

293x85 cm

These Shazahir Kilims are made from 100% wool of the domestic sheep bred in Afghanistan. They are colorful and show these small blooms or geometric symbols built into different patterns. This specific Kilim consists of all the typical bright colors, Kilim usually have. Each piece is one-of-a-kind. Women produce these Kilims in their private homes. That allows them to take care of their children while earning some money on the side. 

- handmade in Afghanistan
- 100% sheep wool
- only natural dyes

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