Berber Teppich grau weiß
Berber Teppich Muster Detail
Berber Teppich Diamond Muster Detail
Berber Teppich Detail
€ 1,590.00

Berber Rug
'Gimme Coffee'

Handwoven in Anatolia, this rug features traditional diamond latticework designs inspired by Moroccan berber rugs. The distinctive geometric patterns are rendered in ivory hues and set against a silver grey field. Made out of 100% wool the rug has not only a cozy feel but is pretty robust, too.

Please consider that every rug is a handmade one-of-a-kind piece and might slightly differ from the one that you see on the image.

- handmade
- several sizes 
- 100% wool
- natural dyes

3-7 days delivery time