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Berber carpets are once again more than hip and make every home more beautiful - from A to B, from the Atlas to Berlin. The Berber has become known above all through a prominent representative: the classic black and white Beni Ourain with its diamond pattern. In addition to the Beni Ourain (also written Beni Ouarain), the Berber carpet family also includes many other types. These include carpets with both comparable and completely different patterns, whereby basic geometric shapes and especially diamonds are recurring elements. Also the color of a Berber carpet can be very different. Beyond the colors typical of a Beni Ourain (gray, beige, black and white), Berber rugs shine in their variety in shades of orange and red, from brown to blue. What connects all knotted Berber carpets is their high pile. This makes the Berber carpet a really cuddly companion. A Must-Have for every living room. And even as bath rugs Berber are applicable. Because of their fluffy nature, Berber rugs are also very far ahead in the children's rug category. So what do you want more than a Berber?