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Color Trends Spring/Summer 2016

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Summer is here and the colors of the season can guide you when adding new pieces to your home. Pantone makes it easy to keep track of color trends with their seasonal Color Reports.
We've picked some of our favorite colors of the season and paired them with our own products.

Our hemp rug Bliss Grand is dyed in a cool shade of gray. Minimalist and natural, but without a doubt makes a statement in your living room.

The new Home Accessories collection from The KNOTS features pillow covers and blankets in of-the-moment colors, including Limpet Shell. Our June Throw is a shade of turquoise that is sure to please - in your home or at the beach.

Our vintage rug Old Fashioned #241 features a spectrum of pinks, and Rose Quartz is a standout shade in this stone-washed, one-of-a-kind carpet. 

Serenity is one of the colours of the year along with Rose Quartz. You can find the muted blue hue in our vintage rug Harlem #228. Calm and cool, perfect for bringing a bit of zen into your living room.

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